Building Surveying

Ayer Associates can provide professional advice on property and construction, spanning across the public, commercial, industrial and leisure sectors.

We can assist with the development of new buildings as well as the restoration, adaptation and maintenance of existing ones. Working with buildings of architectural or historic importance, we can work alongside our Clients from the start to the culmination of the project to ensure their vision and objectives are realised.

Our surveying team will advise on sustainable and preventative measures to keep buildings in good condition and continue to look for ways to make buildings increasingly more efficient

Our surveying expertise is as diverse as it is efficient and we are happy to assist with any of the following tasks:

  • ensuring projects are completed on budget and to schedule;
  • advising clients on schemes and projects and determining requirements;
  • preparing scheme specifications with costings, programmes for completion of projects and schedules of work;
  • Preparing tender documentation and advising on appointing contractors, designers along with recommended procurement routes;
  • determining the condition of existing buildings, identifying and analysing defects, including proposals for repair, life cycle replacement and forward maintenance plans;
  • advising on energy efficiency, environmental impact and sustainable construction;
  • advising on the preservation/conservation of historic buildings;
  • advising on the management and supervision of maintenance of buildings;
  • dealing with planning applications and advising on property legislation and building regulations;
  • assessing and designing buildings to meet the needs of people with disabilities;
  • carrying out feasibility studies;
  • advising on the property compliance aspects of buildings;